Siljomin plus 20ppm 500ml


SILJOMIN PLUS colloidal silver is a water purification product consisting of very pure water and billions of microscopic silver particles (20 ppm). This product contains twice as much silver particles as our regular Siljomin. Colloidal silver is a mineral. The shillumin is produced by modern electrocolloidal production methods. The shelf life is around two years. We are very careful that there are no larger silver particles in the product.

Contents: 1 liter of colloidal silver 20 ppm.

Mix two teaspoons of Siljomin per liter of drinking water you want to disinfect. Shake and leave for 15 minutes. The water is then ready to drink. The reason for waiting 15 minutes is to give the relatively slow-acting silver ions the time they need to do their work. The water is then (if not re-infected) usually bacteria free for many weeks.