Nettle 400gr


Stinging nettle provides good support for the immune system
Only one teaspoon of nettle is said to fill your entire daily requirement of vitamin C.

The rich content of minerals strengthens hair, skin and nails. Stinging nettle contains phytohormones that are similar to estrogen, which can provide support for menopausal symptoms.

Nettle has long been used as a medicinal plant, and traditionally, nettles are considered diuretic, help with urinary tract problems and also purify the blood. Nettles help get rid of body waste products.

Skin Problems
The leaves contain pantothenic acid which is good for various skin problems – for example if you have problems with acne, impure skin or eczema.

An often overlooked gold mine that grows freely throughout Sweden. Nettle is the royalty of herbs with its richness of vitamins, all minerals, trace elements, all essential amino acids, m.m.