Estro Optimal 60 capsules


Estro Optimal contains ingredients that can contribute to a good hormone balance.

Holy Basil
Broccoli Sprouts
Vitex Angus-Castus
Grape skins
Black pepper

Vitex Angus-Castus
Some women suffer from amenorrhea, so they have no menstrual periods or the menstrual cycle is irregular.
The most effective treatment for this disease is vitex agnus-castus
a herb that has traditionally been used to treat irregular menstruation and to restore ovulation in women suffering from amenorrhoea.

Holy Basil
Protects against stress
Seems pain-relieving
Prevents unwanted bacteria and fungi

This sacred plant is also used for the treatment of fever and colds, respiratory diseases, skin diseases and heart disease.

Broccoli Sprouts
Some benefits of broccoli sprouts are
Good for your stomach, can protect your stomach from bacteria that can cause stomach cancer, ulcers and gastric ulcer.
Good for detoxing your body.
Reduce your cholesterol.